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Real people, real talk. What if purity wasn’t as complicated as one might think? What if managing technology in our homes wasn’t as overwhelming as it might seem? What if I told you that while our world distorts things, God has given us a bigger, better story… Would you listen?

In this engaging and authentic podcast, we tackle the tough stuff, including topics like sexuality, fear, shame, confession, technology, conversations with our kids, and more. This podcast is for parents, pastors, leaders, YOU! Let’s stand together and lead our families, friends, and communities!

Thanks for listening! Our vision is a world free of sexual brokenness. With each episode the pureHOPE team and featured leaders, will discuss ways we—as disciple-makers—can experience and model the pursuit of God’s love, purity, and justice in our sphere of influence as we look forward to the return of Jesus and the fulfillment of “a world free.”

As you listen you’ll find renewed vision and practical tools to help you understand God’s design for sex in a deeper way, communicate His story with confidence, navigate the unique but not “new” challenges of a digital age, and impact the community around you.

God has the most compelling story of sex (far better than the one many of us have been told), and we’re going to talk about it.

We will start conversations on the show, we hope will spark ongoing conversation—first, between you and God and then, between you and your loved ones.

Every episode will have follow-up show notes filled with scripture, recommended resources, and encouragement for you in your pursuit of a Jesus and a life of Prayer, Understanding, Resolve and Engagement (P-U-R-E, see it?).

We wanted to create something that would reach you right where you are, as you go about the day to day, since this is
after all where life happens.

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Where can I find information about speaking & events?

Thank you for your interest in having pureHOPE at your church, Christian school, or community gathering. A member of the pureHOPE team is available to speak on the following topics and more:

Pursuing Purity in a Sexualized Culture – We are all imperfect people in need of healing and freedom from shame through faith in God’s better story of sex. We can pursue purity because the Pure One—Jesus—is pursuing us.

Parenting in a Sexualized, Digital Age – Parents, mentors, and influencers can proclaim truth without fear, navigate technology with confidence, and protect and equip their children by sharing with them God’s story of sex.

Justice in a Sexualized Culture – Porn and sex trafficking are connected, and pervasive. As ambassadors of Christ, we have a mandate to cultivate justice and righteousness every day, right where we are.

You can tell us more about your event at: and you can find information about our parenting conferences at:

Where can I find pureHOPE resources?
Searching for hope on your personal recovery journey? Looking for solutions to help you lead your children in godliness and teach them God’s story of sex? Trying to find out how you can do justice and oppose sexual exploitation in your sphere of influence? We’ve got you. We have resources for wherever you are on your journey and many more in the works. You can check them out (including some freebies!) at:
How can I support the ministry and vision of pureHOPE?

The ministry of pureHOPE is completely funded by the financial contributions of individuals and partners around the globe. If this podcast and this mission has been meaningful to you and something you would like to support in the future, you can simply visit us at to make a secure, tax-deductible, online donation. You can also partner with us through a number of creative ways… shopping on AmazonSmile on behalf of pureHOPE Coalition, hosting a merchandise party and donating the proceeds, running in a sponsored marathon and so on. Your investment will provide world-class resources to inspire and equip followers of Christ to flourish in this sexually exploitative age and lead their families and communities to do the same. Please consider making a gift to pureHOPE today.

Does the pureHOPE Justice Internship still exist?

Thank you for your heart for God’s love, purity and justice in this age and your interest in the pureHOPE Justice Internship! As for the question of existance… yes and no. Yes, because the discipleship experience lives on through this podcast (and because never say never, we may need an intern or two down the line)! But no, in it’s traditional format, we are no longer hosting the program. While we loved getting to pour directly into the lives of college students, we always dreamed of extending the growth and impact beyond just the collegiate level and these emerging leaders. We want to equip parents, influencers, disciple-makers (of any age) to grow in their understanding of how to respond and cultivate justice in a sexualized culture, to learn how pornography, sex-trafficking and various forms of exploitation are connected, how our spiritual formation impacts those around us, and most of all what God’s Word really has to say about sex and how we steward our lives, relationships, and resources as we look forward to a world free of sexual exploitation and brokenness. After much prayer and consideration, we have reorganized some of our initiatives and instead of bringing in a few students in one life stage for one summer, we are focusing our efforts on reaching more people, in various life stages, right where they are, in an ongoing manner—through our conferences, resources, inspirational blog, and this podcast! You can read about the history and impact of our Justice Internship at

Have a question about God’s story of sex/ parenting/ singleness/ marriage/ dating? Submit your question for our special Q&A episode! (We’ll keep them anonymous, of course!)
How are you pursuing a world free of sexual brokenness in your sphere of influence?