Arming Families to Navigate our Digital World


Equipping people to pursue and live a proactive pure life.


God created male and female in His own image, so in order for us to understand family, we need to go back to the Creator. The family is the means by which God communicates, preserves and further expands His story. The home is the place in which His truths are lived out and taught. Our prayer is that more and more families around the globe would be confident in God’s design and their lives would be a reflection of hope.

The World Free

When you become a world free partner, you are shaping a world free both domestically and internationally.


We call this the “pure” loop—first a handy acronym, but more significantly a loop, because it never ends, only perpetuates our ongoing pursuit of God’s love, purity and justice. A cycle that creates a lifestyle, a framework for the Volume you now hold in your hands, and an application for everything we touch or endeavor to do in this life.


The most powerful thing we
can do is pray.

The most powerful thing we can do. Through prayer, God helps us see our true selves, begins to change our hearts bringing us one step closer to the Pure One.


Understand your need for
Jesus to be your pureHOPE.

This flows from intimacy and is fueled by wisdom. The closer we grow to Christ, the better we understand that we are made in His image and He is our only hope.


Don’t just be a hearer of the
Word, but a doer!

It confronts evil courageously and comforts the broken with empathy. It brings forth new life, new behavior and allows us to speak boldly about what God is doing as we walk in the light.


Say “Yes” to God and
“No” to godlessness.

You can’t do this on your own and must surrender your will for His. It says “YES” to God and “NO” to godlessness. It steps into the grace and freedom we have in Christ.