The Pocket Guide To Talking About Sex For Married Couples

The Pocket Guide To Talking About Sex For Married Couples

This pocket guide is designed to jumpstart communication in your marriage. Each question was created with God’s heart in view along with the hundreds of stories couples have shared with us over the years. Wherever you are coming from as you engage in this discussion, know that you are not alone!

You can start, pause, and come back to these questions anytime! These discussions will draw you closer as you pursue Jesus together. You may find by the end, that you want to go even deeper… consider continuing the dialogue with a trusted counselor in your area.

We are excited for you to enhance your connection through meaningful conversation. This guide includes:

Applications of God’s Story of Sex for Your Marriage

  • Conversation Starters to help you and your spouse talk about sex in a healthy way and grow in understanding God’s story of sex.
  • PURE loop—one of our favorite tools to help you continue the conversation with God and your spouse
  • Resources, ideas, strategies, and connections for ongoing equipping

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