Why We Do It

Why is the pureHOPE message so important?

God has the better story of sex.

Chances are, like most of us, you grew up thinking the Christian worldview of sex was more of a laundry list or a rulebook. But actually, God is a creative and profound Author, telling a compelling story through His design and purpose for sex.

Here’s the tricky part. You’ve probably noticed times are dark. The prince of darkness and enemy of our souls, is distorting the narrative, and twisting truth into lies at every turn.

We live in a sexualized, digital age that mars the image of God and undermines the wholeness of individuals, families, and communities. And sadly, Christians are not immune:

Most kids are exposed to pornography by age 11 and see over 14,000 sexualized messages each year. Unsolicited porn (spam or targeted ads) is becoming an increasing problem in the mobile age.

Over half of Christian men and over a third of Christian women struggle with pornography (in increasingly violent forms), and most pastors admit to a current or past struggle with pornography.

The church needs to share a more compelling story with both married and single adults. Approximately 60% of American adults are married, and around 40% are single. The number of single adults also continues to rise globally.

The divorce rate among Christians is the same or similar to that of the greater population, and one of the leading causes of divorce is due to infidelity or sexual brokenness of some kind.

The number of couples cohabiting as a means to “test compatibility” continues to increase.

As mobile and “free” access to pornography continues to grow, the porn industry fuels demand for sex trafficking, rape, and abuse.

62% of teens and young adults have received a sexually explicit image and 41% have sent one. The constant stream of newly released apps continue to create more pressure and access points for illicit sexual behavior.

But we have hope!

His Name is Jesus.

Do not fear! Our enemy has already been defeated. We know the end of this story from the beginning. So while the statistics report horror and heartache, while loneliness, broken families, selfishness, and exploitation increasingly become the norm, we know that Jesus is Light and can make us bright beacons in this dim cultural landscape.

By joining our movement of pursuing purity through intimacy with Jesus and HIS purifying work, more and more individuals, parents, leaders, and churches will be equipped with the resources needed to empower them to navigate our sexualized, digital age and “live in the loop,” a lifestyle of prayer, understanding, resolve, and engagement.