Joshua Livingston

Joshua Livingston

Teaching Team

Josh Livingston was introduced to pureHOPE nearly a decade ago, and his life hasn’t been the same since. He served first on our Board of Directors, and now as Vice President. His passion for the ministry has only grown and you can hear his passion and pastoral heart any time Josh speaks.

As a husband, father, worship leader, and nearly lifelong minister alongside his church-planting family, Josh is a man of prayer and faith. He loves to share the message of pureHOPE that has impacted his own family, and loves to walk alongside other parents on the journey.

Josh, or a member of the pureHOPE team, is available to speak on the following topics:

• Pursuing Purity in a Sexualized Culture – We are all imperfect people in need of healing and freedom from shame through faith in God’s better story of sex.  We can pursue purity because the Pure One—Jesus—is pursuing us.

• Parenting in a Sexualized Culture – Parents, mentors, and influencers can proclaim truth without fear, navigate technology with confidence, and protect and equip their children by sharing with them God’s story of sex.

• Justice in a Sexualized Culture – Porn and sex trafficking are connected, and pervasive. As ambassadors of Christ we have a mandate to cultivate justice and righteousness every day, right where we are.

Josh resides in Charlotte, NC with his beautiful wife Kate and their teenage son and tween-age daughter. Josh serves in his local church, loves leading worship, and can always be found enjoying his family and friends, and sharing the hope we have in Jesus.

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