Equipping Christians whose lives have been adversely affected by the sexualized culture.

Many are struggling with sexual addiction, a condition that is increasing in prevalence, including among churchgoing men, women and young people. The ugly underbelly of the digital age, it seems, is a web of addiction.

Our RECOVERY ministry helps Christians break free from the bonds of pornography and sexual addiction through the hope, healing, and freedom available in Christ. Our four-part training and related resources equip pastors, leaders, counselors, and those whose lives have been adversely affected by the sexualized culture.

The Foundation: Embracing God’s design and purposes for human sexuality

The Addiction: An overview of what addiction is, how it develops, and why it is so destructive

The Healing: A walkthrough of the steps and stages to experiencing recovery and restoration

The Community: An explanation of why authentic relationships and safe places are necessary to the healing journey


Just Released! Recovery in a Sexualized Culturethis brand new resource was created to provide not only tools and resources, but also hope and courage for those struggling with sexual addiction and their loved ones. Download your free PDF copy now or email us to order a hard copy for $2 + shipping.


Need Help?

Check out our recommended resources page for websites and books that can help you or your loved one in your journey towards healing and recovery.






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