Our kids are growing up in a very different world than we did; most of us didn’t have smart phones, tablets or social media. We are parenting in the 21st century in a new atmosphere: the pace of change is great as are the distractions, temptations, and pressures on our families. So we as parents need new tools and strategies. We need new levels of encouragement from one another.

It is estimated that kids today are exposed to over 14,000 sexualized messages each year and porn sites are available 24/7. The world is screaming to our kids about sex. But God’s story of sex is better, and it’s timeless.

Our job as parents is to share this story with our kids. But first, we need to understand this story ourselves, and why it is the better story, indeed the best story. Parents, you have what it takes to help your kids not just survive in a sexualized and digital age, but to thrive and lead others.

Join us on this quest through God’s Word of why He created us as sexual beings, how we are to steward this gift, and how we can share His story with our kids.


Parenting in a Sexualized Culture
will answer questions like:

How do I talk to my kids about sex?

Why is the one-time sex talk not enough?

How does the abstinence message fall short?

How can I model purity to my kids?

What can I do about all of the technology invading my kids’ lives?

As a parent, how will I leave a legacy?


  • "I now feel like I have a foundation from which to explain this topic to my kids."

  • "It's communicated clearly and simply, to the point and God-focused."

  • "Thank you for doing this. It's crucial."

  • "This resource is biblically based and communicates in a loving manner."

  • "YES! This changes everything. We have something good and exciting to share instead of fear and control."

  • "First of all, the message contained in this resource is so powerful, positive, and incredibly practical.  Second, the production quality is excellent – I would recommend it to absolutely anyone.  This is so vitally needed in the body of believers today.  Thank you, thank you—hurray for pureHOPE!"

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