Sexualized Culture

Sexualized Culture

Our mission is to provide Christian solutions in a sexualized culture… but first, we must understand that there is in fact a problem.

“The impact of the sexual revolution on the Christian community is enormous. Even as the culture has deviated from the traditional understanding of sexual ethics and marriage, so have Christians… there is good reason to believe the sexual revolution has more profoundly impacted the behavior of twenty-first-century Christians than has the Bible. George Barna and other social scientists provide abundant evidence concerning the degree to which the sexual revolution has affected the church in terms of sheer quantity of adultery, fornication, and use of pornography by professing Christians. Remarkably little difference can be found between sexual behavior of Christians and that of non-Christians in the United States.” – Dale S. Kuehne, Sex and the iWorld


Consider the following:

* Most kids are exposed to porn by age 11 and see over 14,000 sexualized messages each year

* Over 1/2 of Christian men and nearly 1/3 of Christian women struggle with porn

* The majority of pastors say that pornography is the most sexually damaging issue in their church

* The porn industry fuels demand for sex trafficking, which is estimated to affect about 300,000 youths in the U.S.