Togo, West Africa

Togo, West Africa

Pastor Elias first heard about pureHOPE by seeing a copy of our lifestyle magazine, A World Free, in a friends trunk.

A world free of sexual exploitation and brokenness is our vision because it is part of our Lord’s redemptive plan. Every day we work toward that in our own hearts, our own neighborhoods, and our spheres of influence — prayerfully beseeching the Lord to continue to expand the reach of His message of Hope which purifies a people for His own possession (1 John 3:3, Titus 2:14).

Now, in an even more tangible and expansive way, we have a unique opportunity to see “a world free” and His will on earth as it is in heaven by partnering with Pastor Elias and our Togo, West Africa brothers and sisters at Guinos Foundation, a ministry that brings people close to God’s Word in a way that influences their life.

I will start with pureHOPE in Togo, Ghana, Benin and Burkina Faso. This is the area I would like to start… and maybe in Uganda with one of our leaders!” — Pastor Elias

Hear how Pastor Elias is mapping out a plan to share the message of pureHOPE to men, women and youth in his network!


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