Pastor Elias Apetogbo

Pastor Elias Apetogbo

pureHOPE in Africa Advocate

Pastor Elias was visiting the United States in 2016 when he stumbled across pureHOPE resources in a friend’s car. One phrase caught his eye: “A World Free”

As he began simmering in the pureHOPE message—that Jesus is our Pure Hope—he became more and more inspired, “We need this in Africa!”

The rest is history! Since then, Pastor Elias has spent time visiting the States to be immersed in pureHOPE content, as well as hosting our President, Jasper Hall Jr., in Africa to train leaders on the ground.

Leaders and churches across the continent have been equipped to understand and share God’s better story of sex. Thousands from more than 20 African nations are receiving tools and training to help them in their pursuit of purity through relationship with Jesus.

As the pureHOPE in Africa Advocate, Pastor Elias continues to lead training programs and send out more disciples and disciple-makers to take this transformative message back in to their communities.