Dan Martin

Dan Martin

Training and Partnerships Director

Dan Martin is the Director of Training and Partnerships at pureHOPE where he oversees partnerships with both domestic and international leaders, churches and organizations. He frequently speaks on topics addressing Family, Parenting, Marriage, Christian Leadership, God’s Story of Sex, Talking With Your Kids, and Technology.

Between his role with pureHOPE and time spent serving as Campus Pastor of his local church, Dan has over 12 years of ministry and speaking experience. Dan undergirds truth with grace and helps men and women, parents and leaders do the same. He earnestly believes God has the better story—we have the better story—and we can communicate confidently, peacefully, and effectively with our community and the next generation.

Dan lives in the Dallas area with his wife Kathie. They have three adult children; he has parented his way into empty-nester and now grandparent status, and he has picked up a few things along the way.