What Were You Taught About Sexual Purity?

What Were You Taught About Sexual Purity?

What were you taught about “sexual purity” growing up?

Most of us have one of these three answers:

A) Nothing (Your parents were either uncomfortable with the conversation or didn’t understand its importance).

B) That’s locker room talk and would be inappropriate to share here (Everything you learned you learned from your, uh, “friends”).

C) My parents — or my church — gave me “the talk” and it was a shame and fear-based monologue that was awkward to say the least (Purity is a rigid construct based on obeying rules and regulations).

Hopefully this isn’t you, but we can assure you it doesn’t have to be you anymore or your kids, or your friends, or your church… Watch the video above to hear how our college interns experience the mind-blowing, heart-transforming truth about what purity actually means! (Hint: It’s in our name and mostly has to do with HOPE!)

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