We are being placed into something beautiful and strong by the Master Mason.

We live in an age of independence.

Or is it isolation?

All of the revolutions—social, technological, otherwise—have violently formed “freedom from” particular shackles. They have not provided the belongingness we crave.

We are more detached than ever. When detached, depressed. When depressed, disconnected from the divine.

“The floor of the court is paved with expensive stones. If one of the stones was detached, even if it is still in place it is invalid and a priest cannot perform Temple services while standing on it until it is reattached.” Moses Maimonides[1]

We have all experienced the pain of detachment. Yet we can be reattached, restored, redeemed by the One Who has come to prepare us a place.

“…you yourselves like living stones are being built up as a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.” —1 Peter 2:5

A place that supports and is supported.
A place that knows and is known.
A place that is a unique part of a united whole.
A place that goes deep.

“Now, therefore, the king laid the foundations of the temple very deep in the ground, and the materials were strong stones, and such as would resist the force of time.” Josephus[2]

Our King is taking us deep. Making us stronger. So we can resist the forces against us. So we can stand.

We have been placed with purpose. Together.

[1] Mishneh Torah, The Chosen Temple 1:10
[2] Antiquities of the Jews, Book VIII, 3:2

Read the full article in A World Free Vol. 3 / Deeper.


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