Equipping people to pursue and live a proactive pure life.

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“We do have a better story—the best story—and it is much more than just abstaining from sex, but seeking purity. It is a battle that doesn’t just end on the wedding night, but that lifelong desire for purity is what we want for the next generation.”

“They are excellent speakers/teachers/facilitators. So interesting and approachable and relatable. God was honored and glorified. Honesty prevailed, so refreshing and necessary. I am filled with Hope and a renewed desire for pursuing even more intimacy with Christ.”

“Loved it—made me really see where the church needs to address this and have a more proactive approach to the world. Also convicted me on a personal level. Thank you!”

“I’ll be processing what was presented and reflecting back through the Bible references that were provided. The conference has helped broaden my perspective on the issues discussed and will undoubtedly influence how I discuss these issues of sexuality with others.”

“You dropped a ton of knowledge, encouragement, and information on our families, and you did it in an easy-going, approachable, and enduring fashion. Thanks for serving us so well.”

“They are well versed in this subject and presented with much clarity and grace. Never felt they were talking at us, but with us.”

“I have never heard purity explained that way before. I was one of the Christians who came at it from an abstinence only point of view. Never again. I think that was one of the most valuable events we have had. It blew me away so much, I would like to hear it again to take it all in.”

Beautiful depiction of His kingdom come right here on earth! That was powerful ! This event really resonated with our small group! They could have talked about it for another hour or so!”

“Hosting pureHOPE was by far the best teaching we’ve ever facilitated.”

“I truly believe pureHOPE is ground breaking and the need for more people to hear the message of this ministry is crucial.”

“Wow! What a relevant and poignant event. I learned so much! That was some stuff I needed to hear. Thank you!”

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