Sexual Union: The Beauty & Power in Coming Together

Sexual Union: The Beauty & Power in Coming Together

by Aszia Pearson

Steadfast love and faithfulness meet; righteousness and peace kiss each other.

— Psalm 85:10

Have you ever noticed how much of what we define as “beauty” is the coming together of “divided” things?

God created day and night. And because these separate entities exist we have dawn and dusk, moments when the heavens become a canvas and the artistry of our God is on full display. With every sunrise and every sunset, light spills across the sky in an array of color—sometimes gently in powder blues and petal pinks, sometimes boldly in rich red and purple hues—to tell us “of the glory of God” (Psalm 19:1).

There are waters above and waters below. And because of this we have rain. Life-giving, life-nourishing, life-transforming rain. A “pouring out”  and a witness that reminds us of His abundance and blessing (Acts 14:17).

He made the earth and the seas. And the shoreline is their common ground. How many poems have been written, how many exclamations have been made about the majesty of the tide rising, roaring, and rolling in? What a miracle to even stand on the beach! The seeming endlessness of the ocean and surging power of its waves almost take our breath away, and then they slow and soften over the sands, proclaiming a Higher Might (Job 38:11).

Mountains reach into the clouds and fill us with awe. Particles converge to give us the Northern Lights.

And what about the distinct flavors that comprise your favorite dish? Or how instruments and voices join together to create symphonies and songs?

Consider what our God is saying! Everywhere around us we see beauty and power in the meeting places.

He will gather together a multitude of every nation, tribe and tongue (Revelation 7:9). He will dwell in the midst of His people (Revelation 21:3).

Consider what our God is saying! Union matters to Him! It testifies to His divine purpose and glory.

In our last post, we talked about how at the root of the word sex is the word divide. What is God trying to communicate?

With sex, we may consider this concept of “division” more along the lines of a diversity by which we can see and celebrate different qualities of the God whose image we bear distinctly as male or female. It is a “divide” intent on union—whether through the partnership of Christian brothers and sisters working alongside one another, or in the particular intimacy between one husband and one wife in marriage. Unity is the aim, and in this coming alongside or coming together we see more of God.

The sexual union is the meeting place of two image bearers. It is meant to be a sacred space in which a husband and wife look upon one another’s utter nakedness and give of themselves fully, accept the other completely.

Yes, consider what our God is saying. What is He proclaiming to us through the beauty and power of this coming together?

I want to be with you.

In the next post we continue exploring this idea of “meeting places,”
but this time take a look at what happens when disaster strikes.

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