Out of Africa

Out of Africa

In the past five years, countless thousands of individuals, families, and churches in Africa have been impacted and equipped through the ministry of pureHOPE. Through seminars for parents, conferences for ministry leaders, and sermons and radio broadcasts, people have found understanding, healing, and hope where there was previously confusion, pain, and distress.

All because a West African pastor happened upon pureHOPE’s magazine in the trunk of a car in Ohio.

You can’t plan for these things, and you can’t make these things up; and when that’s the case, it is often evidence of divine purpose and spiritual movement. It’s best to realign your priorities with God’s.

And that’s what we’ve done in the past several years. Whether in Togo, or in Texas, whether in English or in French, we’ve partnered with ministry associates in numerous African nations, and particularly engaged and empowered Pastor Elias Apetogbo—the aforementioned magazine-finder—to spearhead our content translation, distribution, and implementation. The fruit has been remarkable, and the harvest is just beginning.

In August 2019, we equipped some 2,000 African youth leaders at the All Africa Baptist Youth Fellowship in Lusaka, Zambia, which will take the message and movement of pureHOPE to churches and communities across the continent!

With your partnership and support, we will shape “a world free” with the liberating truth that Jesus is our Pure Hope, and we are God’s beloved sons and daughters who are being purified through hope in Him.

After all, it was out of Africa that God called His Son (Matthew 2:15). And we believe, as we watch all that God is doing in and through Pastor Elias and so many other leaders, that God’s Spirit is moving in and calling out His sons and daughters throughout Africa today.

And we see this move of God all because of a magazine in a trunk. As they say, He moves in mysterious ways!

Hear more from Pastor Elias himself on A World Free: The pureHOPE Podcast,
in “Different Issues, Same Root | Consider Ep. 12


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