Invitation to a Life of Purity

Invitation to a Life of Purity

invitation to freedom

This generation is being offered two invitations as we grow up in the digital age. One is from the world, which ultimately can offer only anxiety, vulgarity, and feelings of inadequacy as we and our children traverse the social media landscape. The other invitation is from our loving Creator, and it’s an invitation to an epic story, a journey of purity, that will inspire, guard, and impact everyone around us.

We were created as sexual beings. God did that–it was His idea that we bear His image, male and female, He created us (Genesis 1:27). We receive every good and perfect gift from Him (James 1:17), and with that, the responsibility and delight of stewarding those gifts. Including, yes, the gift of our sexuality. It’s God’s will that we know how to control our bodies in a way that is holy and honorable (1 Thessalonians 4). And, if He desires we know how, you can bet He will be our teacher and guide.

So often we hear skewed messages about purity. As if it is something we have that we can “lose” or something we have that we ought to “keep.” The truth is, while we were created in His image, we were also conceived in iniquity (Psalm 51:5). All of us fall short. Purity can’t be contingent on our efforts or track record. Purity isn’t about our accomplishments it is about our relationship with the one who is pure and who is purifying us.

We have this hope and thus, can rest and resolve to steward all of our gifts, including our bodies, in a way that aims to please the Lord.

Like a chess game, there are no pointless moves in this life–there is no neutral on social media, in our interactions, or in those times when we’re alone at night. The Lord sees, intercedes, and continually sanctifies us in all of these moments. Those everyday decisions add up to our lifelong journey. And when you mess up, that’s the good news of purity not being a “keep it or lose it” thing, but instead a vibrant, lifelong pursuit of a Person, Jesus! Though the righteous fall seven times, each time we can get up, throw ourselves on God’s mercy and healing grace, and keep going!

If you want more to inspire, encourage and equip you on your pure hope journey, check out our resources page! Parents, grow in your own understanding and confidence in talking with your children. Undergraduate students, check out our transformative summer internship!



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