God’s story of sex is compelling and powerful, but sadly missed completely by many well-meaning believers. Narrow concepts such as “don’t have sex until you’re married” tend to take center stage. Or conversely, we want the favor and fanfare of the world and begin to approve things outside of God’s design. God had a good design and intention for His people and we are to steward our sexuality as a gift.

We as believers and disciple-makers have a central role in redeeming the true narrative of God’s story. But, we have to grasp it and experience it ourselves before we can communicate it to others. One key element of this story?

Sex is about identity before activity.

Sex is first and foremost a reference to our maleness or femaleness. We are either a son of God or a daughter of God. Therein lies all of our identity. We are His and uniquely designed to reflect Him as men and women. Male and female, we bear the image of God distinctively—not by stereotypes of pink and blue, footballs and tutus, but through accepting how He made us and using our gifts and energy to serve Him, trusting that this makes a proclamation to the world that God is good.

Our sexual stewardship as singles, or when we abstain from sexual activity, reflects a patient, diligent, active waiting—just as the Church today perseveringly awaits His return.

The sexual union in marriage is the coming together of one man and one woman, a husband and a wife, literally two image-bearers joining as one. This is a powerful portrayal of Christ and the Church. In the final consummation of the ages, the end of all, He will dwell within His people. We will be united fully with Him.

What story are you telling with your life?

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