DeeperWe seek God’s guidance every year in discovering a theme to guide our work for the year. It becomes a motif that captures the essence of how our timeless mission meets the unique cultural moment in which we find ourselves. It is more than simply a motivational tool, or a title for the next edition of our lifestyle magazine. It is what we believe we hear the Spirit of God calling to us.

This year, the calling is go “Deeper.”

This has been inspired by our reflection on both the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God (Romans 11:33), and the Master’s instruction to His disciples past and present to go into deeper waters to cast our nets (Luke 5:4). God is calling us to go deeper, and as we respond in faith, I believe that faith will be deepened.

A deeper faith will be required of all of us in this sexually exploitative culture. The brokenness itself is so deep, we who are confronting it and bringing healing must be first deepened—in our belief, our understanding, our perseverance, and our engagement. When that happens, we begin to move from a safe, and false, desire for perfection, into a riskier, yet life-giving, pursuit of redemption, one that sees barren soil and winds of adversity as opportunities to be embraced, not inconveniences to be avoided.

So as we focus on going “Deeper” this year, our staff is exploring where we need to be deepened in our faith, life, and work. We want to invite you to join us in that exploration, as well. It could mean deepening your own spiritual life. It could mean increasing your support of pureHOPE. It could mean digging into our resources and really deepening your understanding of our message and teachings.

Let us know how you plan to go “deeper” or even if you have a different personal theme for 2017. Our team would love to be praying for you!


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