Cultivating Hope

Cultivating Hope


Pressing on toward the vision of a world free is paradoxically rooted in rest. Apart from Him we can do nothing. To catch the vision, we zoom out on the hope of a world free, but in order to act, we zoom back in to our own quiet lives where we can attend to the needs of our currently hurting world and enjoy fellowship with our family and friends.

As we reflect and consider the Hope to come and the desperation around us, yes, let’s think big and find innovative ways to serve and engage. But in our zeal for good deeds, let’s not dismiss the stuff of ordinary, everyday life…

On Hope

With the convenience of modern grocery it can be easy to forget that food, for most of human history, was once waited for. You plant, you wait, you harvest. You prepare, you wait, you eat. A simple trip to the farmer’s market or glance at the signs marking what is fresh can be just the reminder we need that good fruit takes time. Produce is best in season, and even then we may have to wait, still longer, for it to ripen.

On Fellowship

It may not be often that we can manage to turn the screens off and gather everyone together around the table, but when we can, we have a special opportunity to praise God, laugh, and minister to one another. Jesus allowed his disciples to wrestle with the hard questions over soft bread. He used that time to teach and draw His followers into deeper understanding. Hospitality and conversation are ideal means to grow in Him.

On Cultivating

cultivate. verb | ˈkəltəˌvāt | :: to apply, refine, develop or improve oneself (a person/ the mind/ abilities, etc.) by education and/or training // to promote also the development of others; to foster, encourage.

hope. noun | hōp | :: combination of desire and expectation; feeling of trust or confidence

Through fresh food and long meals we receive the gift of awareness. These are chances to cultivate hope—attuning us to our truer, deeper hunger for the Bread of Life Himself.

Guided by the Holy Spirit, we can cultivate hope daily by opening our eyes to opportunities that allow us to be refined from the inside out. We can encourage this development in our children, spouses, friends, families, or neighbors. When we allow the Spirit to order our steps, we live out our profession of faith—we are actively waiting on His Kingdom come, abiding in the Vine with the assurance of eating and drinking at our King’s banquet table.

What is a creative way you can “cultivate hope” – or insert reminders of our waiting for our one True Hope – in your life?

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