Cultivate Everyday Justice

Cultivate Everyday Justice

“So you, by the help of your God, return, hold fast to love and justice, and wait continually for your God.”

— Hosea 12:6

We all have an innate desire for justice. As sons and daughters of God, we thirst for righteousness to be cultivated in accordance with God’s shalom—His total peace and wholeness. Our hearts break for those injured by injustice, but we often feel powerless to enact real change. When it is oppression on the magnitude of the global sex trade, that perceived powerlessness can become paralysis.

But our calling is not to save the world.

It is to seek, listen, obey—and in obeying the One Who does save the world—to cultivate justice and shape a world free. Some examples of obedient cultivation:

Share understanding, starting at home.

What good is it to know the truth about God’s Word and the nature of evil on earth if we don’t share it with those around us? Every person has a unique sphere of influence, people in their circles who will listen to what they have to say and imitate the things they do. Upon learning the truths of God’s beautiful story and the distortion of that story through sexual exploitation in all its forms, we must communicate those truths, with consistency and compassion, to those closest to us.

Seek understanding, of injustice and of Truth.

We ought to press in to understand the reality of the injustices around us. Ask questions, research, really listen to people and their stories. But we must understand injustice through God’s Word. If we are to interact with the evils of our world, we need to set our foundation firmly upon the Rock. Like a newborn baby requires its mother’s milk to survive and grow, so too we need God’s Word to fuel our perseverance in pursuit of purity and justice.

Show understanding, living in a way that reflects truth.

If we learn about the injustice of human trafficking and how it is directly linked to pornography yet persist in secret self-gratification, are we cultivating justice? Or are we fertilizing the toxic soil whence the injustice springs? We must take active steps to walk in the light, in confession and community, if we desire justice, because it is then that the only One Who can save the world shows himself to be faithful and just (1 John 1:9).

Excerpted and adapted from Volume 2 of our lifestyle magazine, A World Free, available here.

For resources to help you cultivate justice in your heart, your home, and the world around you, click here to access our content library.


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