Our team has spent decades deepening our understanding of God’s story of sex and how best to transfer these profound truths to God’s people in a sexually broken world. For so many Christians, this story has gotten lost, twisted, or shoved to the side. We want to see churches, ministries, Christian schools, and leaders around the world shepherd people through this sexualized, digital age by confidently and seamlessly proclaiming and modeling God’s story of sex as part of the ultimate story of God’s love for His people. When this story is told, hearts are set free. As God’s sons and daughters, ours is not a message of fear or shame, but a message of hope. Jesus is our Pure Hope.


Catalyze your team to share God’s story of sex for every life stage.

We come alongside church, ministry, organization, and community leaders to help them faithfully and courageously address the needs of their unique setting. Whether you are shepherding men and women who are single or married, young and old, and whether the most pressing issue among your people is pornography or confusion about God’s purposes for sex, we will partner with your leadership team to bring encouragement, truth, and hope to the conversation. We’ll spend time diving into God’s story of sex for every life stage, answering your on-the-ground questions, and sharing strategies and resources to empower your team to model the pursuit of purity and help those you disciple steward the profound gift of their sexuality and navigate the intersection of a sexualized culture and a digital age.

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  • "I truly believe pureHOPE is ground breaking and the need for more people to hear the message of this ministry is crucial."

  • “pureHOPE was a God-send in helping me with training and equipping our people around sex and purity—sharing information that brought revelation, which ultimately caused reformation and restoration of lives.”

  • “We’ve always had a strong desire to engage our people on the topic of sexual purity, but we needed help initiating the conversation, and pureHOPE was exactly what we needed. The long term impact of pureHOPE on our community can be seen in the types of conversations our community is now engaged in—and these conversations are taking place over a year later. That's the kind of long-term impact we have always desired."


Shape a world free of sexual brokenness in your sphere of influence.

You lead a group or disciple others in some capacity, and you long to see them grab on to a more compelling vision of sex rather than try to find their footing in a fear-based message or give way to the storm of sexual confusion. You know the message of pureHOPE offers a comprehensive view of God’s story of sex for the whole Church community, and you want to help others overcome a shameful purity narrative and live into this story with confidence and navigate this sexualized, digital age with grace. We would love to encourage you in your pursuit of Jesus as our Pure Hope and empower you to invite others along your journey.

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  • "This is for anyone who loves the Lord and wants the world to feel the impact of His story of sex."

  • “The importance of the ministry of pureHOPE must not be underestimated. In today's hyper-sexualized culture, this work remains at the very core of us understanding and growing to be the people we must be in order that we may love others in a way that radically changes the world.”

  • “pureHOPE has changed my life by equipping me to bring change into the lives of others.”


Spread the message that Jesus is our Pure Hope.

While our staff is based in the United States, our ministry knows no geographical bounds. We are pursuing a world free of sexual brokenness after all! We would love to talk with you about translating and contextualizing this message for the church or ministry you lead in your corner of the globe. Our ministry presence continues to expand in Africa, Latin America, East Asia, the Middle East, and more as we follow where the Spirit is leading, and equip local advocates to spread the message that Jesus is our Pure Hope.

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  • “No doubt, Africa needs pureHOPE. Everywhere we talk about pureHOPE… people, pastors, servants of the Lord want to know more."

  • "It was on my heart to share with Christian brothers and sisters, because whenever they were sexually abused my heart broke. But I didn't understand how to share in my church and with other people in Pakistan. By your mission and teaching I received encouragement and many points to share with young children and church members about how they can be a temple of Christ."

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