Be Inspired

Be Inspired

Volume Three of our lifestyle magazine, A World Free, is taking people to a deeper level of inspiration and intimacy with their Creator and Redeemer.

Read it for yourself.

Each article was developed to bring you closer or zoom out farther, to take a familiar subject and cast it in a different light in hopes of enhancing our vision. It is a deeper devotion to fixing our hope on Him, following His ways, and looking forward to His appearing that will sustain us in an increasingly near-sighted, self-centered age.

“Chills. I opened the magazine today and had chills. This edition is incredible, beautiful, and life-giving. The wording, the design, it’s all so well done. You are making a difference, building His Kingdom, and loving others. Keep it up!” — Reader

Read it with a group.

Open its pages, open your mind, and open up meaningful conversations that bring healing, shape understanding, and renew confidence. This content is great for rallying your staff, leaders, or volunteers around truth, and helping them become more effective in their ministry to a sexually broken world.

“I have devoured the latest copy of A World Free and recognize our team, mentors, key volunteers need a breath of God’s intention for his creation.” — Leader of a ministry to survivors of trafficking

Get your copy here.


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