Back-To-School Supplies… For You!

Back-To-School Supplies… For You!

As the kids head back to school how about a few back-to-school supplies for you? As the rush of it all settles into rhythm, here are some ideas to continue open, ongoing dialogue with your kids about God’s story of sex.

First, a story:

Marilee is mom of 7 (seven!) in Wichita, Kansas who randomly stumbled upon pureHOPE through some friends who connected her to our resources.

“I needed the words to say when talking to my kids about sex and pornography. Simply saying ‘don’t, don’t, don’t’ doesn’t cut it. A young person needs to know ‘why’ and we need simplicity in our words.”

In our Quest: Parenting Sexualized in a Sexualized Culture resource she found the words she was looking for. After going through Quest, she felt the need to share with other parents in her church and school communities. She took it to their school principal three times before he allowed her and her husband to speak to the families at her kids’ school.

“After going through Quest, parents kept saying ‘What is our next step? We need accountability and ways to be intentional with our kids.’ So we had them come to our home to simply share struggles, breakthroughs, and encourage one another in this journey.”

Starting within her home, Marilee, along with her husband Byron, have used the Leader’s Guide and Study to take three small groups of parents through Quest and they have been blown away at the impact.

“The thing that keeps me coming back to pureHOPE is the language and the message. It is concise, clear, and filled with Truth. Biblical Truth! God’s story of sex has to be louder than the world’s story.”

Marilee set a great example in her community. She absorbed the core message and strategy laid out in Quest and built upon that foundation in her own family and neighborhood. It simply starts with one step and as God leads, you are well on your way to being equipped, and equipping others with God’s better story. This is Living in the Loop. This is shaping a world free.

Isn’t that an awesome story? And now, here is your back-to-school checklist:


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