A Holy Momentum

A Holy Momentum

Our Justice Alums are a community of men and women who have been uniquely equipped to pursue and model God’s love, purity, and justice in a sexualized culture. In so many ways they represent all who have been impacted by the message of pureHOPE: Jesus is our Pure Hope, and purity is a relationship with Him, not an accomplishment.

Over the weekend we gathered to encourage one another, pray, and dream together. For some, their passion for a world free of sexual exploitation and brokenness has grown over the years, fanning into a powerful flame lighting up the campuses, churches, communities, and countries they have traversed since their time with us. For others that passion has grown tired, dimly flickering in the wake of attack, unmet expectations, and the general toll life takes as seasons come and seasons go. The reunion was a time of renewal for all.

We recounted the promises of God and our call to steadfastness as believers.

“Justice is not something that we hope for in uncertainty—it is promised, and there is an assurance justice will come about. It’s something we can live in and walk in every day.”

— Jessica, Justice Alum

It felt like a holy moment. We celebrated what God has done through our 10 years of leading this discipleship experience and the countless lives that have been touched through the obedience, thought leadership, and ongoing faithfulness of these young leaders. We imagined what He will do as we scale that experience to reach countless more by focusing on conferences, consulting, and content, including our podcast planned to release this fall. We’re excited for how the Spirit is propelling us forward!

It feels like holy momentum.

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  1. Stephen Crane 3 years ago

    Honored to be a part of this community and movement. Fighting to see a world free together. Love y’all and the wonderful truth of God that your share when it comes to our culture and identity and how sex fits in to being a follower of Jesus. Excited for the hope and freedom y’all will bring as an organization and as the message spreads like wild fire in these coming seasons!

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